Santigold has dropped the video for her new single 'The Keepers' on us this week. The Philly singer gives viewers a dark and twisted look at how messed up the suburbs can be.

The video starts with the camera slowly descending from the top of a house to the main floor of the dining room, with everything giving off a radioactive green glow. Santigold is sitting with a stereotypical 1950s family, complete with a blonde wig that would make Nicki Minaj proud. The family sports weird smiles while their radioactive dinner is being served. The suburbanites who seem to be stuck in the past receive a rude awakening when a group of thugs target their home for a drive-by shooting.

Surprisingly, everyone is left unscathed, including Grandma who is watching an infomercial on the TV in the living room. The doorbell rings and Santigold dances her way to the door and finds your friendly neighborhood milk man at the door step. Unfortunately for the dairy carrier, he did not avoid the bullets shot earlier and falls dead on the floor. Scroll down below to watch the eerie clip from beginning to end.

'The Keepers' is from Santigold's second studio album, 'Master of My Make-Believe,' which was released this past May. The record was positively received by critics and fans alike (us included), and followed her debut release, 'Top Ranking,' after four long years. Santigold wrapped up her spring tour to support 'Master of My Make-Believe' and will appear at various music festivals this summer.

Watch the Santigold 'The Keepers' Video