It's official: 2014 is over and the new year is underway! While we have so much new music to look forward to this year, we aren't quite ready to say farewell to everything 2014 gave us.

We've already given you our year-end lists, covering what we think was the best of the best of '14. But now, we want to hear what you think.

The 2015 Diffuser Music Awards have begun and the polls are open. We're looking for your thoughts on the best band, album, song, vinyl release, reissue and music video of 2014! The winners of each category are 100-percent chosen by you, the reader ... so what are you waiting for? Start voting!

Best Band of 2014

Best Album of 2014

Best Song of 2014

Best Vinyl Release of 2014

Best Reissue of 2014

Best Music Video of 2014

Polls opened in mid-January and voting for all 2015 Diffuser Music Awards close at 11:59PM ET on Sunday, Feb. 1, 2015.