Can wearing the right kind of hat stop you from getting your head bashed in? That's what '47 Brand want you to believe with their new 'Nice Hat - Hero' commercial, which features the song 'Please Please' by the Franks.

Here's the scene: an outdoor party in the fall, maybe a college mixer. A guy in a Denver Broncos cap is chatting up a pretty flannel-clad girl. She's laughing, playing with her hair, all the things that suggest this could happen. Suddenly, she loses her smile as she notices something behind him. He turns around and sees a much bigger man with a backwards New England Patriots hat giving him a nasty look for hitting on his girlfriend.

Broncos Guy, possibly wondering if Patriots Guy is an associate of tight end Aaron Hernandez, who was released from the Patriots this summer after being charged with murder, starts to fear for his safety. Fortunately, all Patriots Guy does is say, "Nice hat," without a trace of sarcasm, and then walk away with his girlfriend.

Clearly the Patriots fan spares the Broncos dude out of loyalty to '47 Brand's New NFL Franchise caps. The Broncos are led by four-time NFL MVP Peyton Manning, a longtime Pats rival who has waged epic playoff battles against Tom Brady since his days with the Indianapolis Colts. The Patriots play the Broncos on Thanksgiving, Nov. 24, so we'll see if he feels differently about the hat then.

'Please Please' appears on the Franks' 2010 five-song EP 'DUH.' The "live" section of their website still lists a couple of shows in their native Los Angeles from 2011, so it's a pretty safe bet they've broken up.