Both a music video and a commercial, Absolut Vodka's new video features racing robot dogs and the music of electronic dance trio Swedish House Mafia, who perform their latest track, 'Greyhound.'

The video opens with a disclaimer that anyone under legal drinking age should not continue watching. From that point, it's pretty much just a regular music video with a bit of product placement. The ad depicts a futuristic fantasy world where three groups of people in bizarre costumes rendezvous in the middle of the desert.

As they drink Absolut cocktails served by a masked waiter, the guests are entertained by the members of Swedish House Mafia, who have transformed into robotic greyhounds. While the frenetic pulse of 'Greyhound' guides them, the dogs chase after a floating orb as the guests watch through binoculars.

The tension builds until the racers reach the finish line, but it's too close to call and a photo finish is necessary. Unfortunately, the photo blows away in the wind, so we'll never know who the real winner is. The video ends with another close-up of a bottle of Absolut on the desert sand.

'Greyhound' has already reached No. 5 on the U.K. dance chart. The Grammy-nominated band is currently working with on his latest effort.

Watch Swedish House Mafia's 'Greyhound' in the Absolut Vodka Commercial