Could Adele be planning to go country on her next album? According to pop singer Kelly Clarkson, the answer is yes.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal promoting her own upcoming album, Piece by Piece, Kelly Clarkson said she heard that the famously soulful English powerhouse “is doing something more country influenced with this next record.”

If Clarkson’s information is right – and we kind of hope it is – Adele’s next record will be quite the departure from her previous efforts, her 2008 debut, 19, and her breakthrough sophomore LP, 2011’s 21.

Of course, the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter still has yet to announce when we can expect her third album or the title, let alone what kind of sound it will contain. However, the train of thought led Clarkson herself to reveal she has her own country album that she hasn’t released yet.

“I just love that vocal,” Clarkson said. “[Country musicians] are the best storytellers.”

We second that!

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