From the sound of the three singles Alt-J have released so far, their upcoming sophomore album, 'This is All Yours,' is going to be all over the sonic map.

The lead single, 'Hunger of the Pine,' is dark and skittering while 'Left Hand Free' is twangy and guitar-driven pop. But the just-posted 'Every Other Freckle' (below) is alternately soulful and folk-influenced, a lot in line with what made their 2012 debut, 'An Awesome Wave,' such a success.

Keyboardist Gus Unger-Hamilton tells BBC Radio 1 (via NME) that the eclectic mix on the new album didn't happen by accident. "We pretty much learned from the reaction of the first record that we could get away with whatever we wanted musically," he said. "That's really represented well by the three songs we've released so far."

See what he means in the Americana-inspired video for 'Left Hand Free' below. 'This Is All Yours' is slated to drop Sept. 22.