It was one year ago today that the body of Amy Winehouse was discovered in her north London house, silencing one of the most powerful -- and, at the same time, most fragile -- voices in contemporary R&B. To help remember the singer, check out a rare recording titled 'Jazz N' Blues,' which has surfaced just in time for the anniversary of her death.

A very short snippet of the tune was posted on YouTube in January under the name 'Money (No More Jazz n' Blues),'  although it is not known which version of the title is official. Regardless, the slow-burning groove was reportedly written by Winehouse and collaborator Edward Bigham back in 2001, just before she released her debut album, 'Frank.'

The anniversary of Winehouse's death will no doubt be marked by friends, family members and fans, who will hopefully remember her more for her soulful music and her gentle spirit, not her drug-fueled clashes with the paparazzi or her tragic demise at the age of 27 due to alcohol poisoning.

Winehouse left two full-length albums when she passed -- the aforementioned 'Frank' and her 2006 breakthrough, 'Back to Black' -- plus the posthumous 'Lioness: Hidden Treasures' collection and several odds-and-ends. Add 'Jazz N' Blues' to that fantastic but all-too-brief discography, and now you have one more track to remember her by.

Listen to Amy Winehouse, 'Jazz N' Blues'

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