Plans for a play inspired by the life and music of Amy Winehouse have been canceled after her father objected to the project, leaving the show's producers without the rights to her image or songs.

The elder Winehouse's decision not to support the show left Denmark's copyright office no choice but to reverse its initial decision to approve production of the play, according to a article from the New York Times. He reportedly didn't specify a reason for not wanting to see the show produced.

According to reports, the play was roughly two months away from a Jan. 30 debut, with a collaborative script featuring the work of 11 Danish playwrights and elements of "interviews, concert videos, letters and newspaper articles" published about the singer during her life.

The Times goes on to say that the show would have delved "into the singer’s addiction to drugs and alcohol," which is presumably why Winehouse's father refused to give his approval; her July 2011 death from alcohol poisoning no doubt remains a daily source of anguish for the family, and given their recent efforts to establish a philanthropic foundation in her name, they're likely much more focused at this point on seeing some good come out of her short life than dwelling on the sensationalistic circumstances surrounding her final days.