There aren't too many people in this world that know how to party harder than Andrew W.K., the self-proclaimed king of partying. His major breakthrough album, 'I Get Wet,' consists of singles like 'Party Hard' and 'It's Time To Party' -- tracks that might make your head spin right off of your neck.

The singer-songwriter opened his own concert venue in downtown New York City in the spring of 2008 dubbed Santos Party House. He's helped produce countless albums, was the host of the TV series 'Destroy Build Destroy,' writes his own advice column in the Village Voice, posts daily original motivational partying advice via his social media outlets, tours the world -- and continues to party while doing it all.

The partier took some time out of his nonstop hectic schedule to answer some very, very pressing questions for us.

Do you party as hard as you advise people to do with your daily social media posts?

I actually party way harder than I would ever advise others to. I keep a lot of my most intense partying secret, mainly because it would probably upset some people, and because I don't want to go to prison. Staying out of prison, while also partying extremely hard, has always been one of my main life goals. So far, so good.

Your song ‘We Want Fun’ was featured in 'Jackass: The Movie' and you recorded its music video with those guys. How would you describe that experience? 

It was an incredible time -- very hard work, but also very fun. That's always the best combination -- when you're having so much fun you don't even realize you've been headbanging for 12 hours straight. The entire 'Jackass' team is very professional -- they are master partiers. I learned a lot from them, in many ways. Getting to work with them was a true privilege. And making that video for the first 'Jackass' movie was a high point in my party career.

I get why your NYC music venue ‘Santos Party House’ is called a party house, but why Santos instead of Santa?

Well, Santa is already pretty much booked full-time in the North Pole and doing the Christmas stuff and toys stuff. Santa Claus is my personal idol, and out of respect, I didn't want to try and take him away from his responsibilities to the children of the world, and to Christmas, and to everything he does. So, my friends and I got together and basically concentrated all our energy and our psychic party power on manifesting a new fresh version of Santa -- one that was the pure spirit of partying -- so that he could come and create Santos Party House, and it happened, and it's amazing.

What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever broken while partying?

Well, I guess when I broke my own foot. I was playing a show in Hollywood and I got my leg tangled in some cables, and when I put my foot down, it got all twisted and I felt a bone snap. At first I thought I had just sprained my ankle, so I just kept playing and finished the show. But an hour later, it was still hurting so bad and I felt like I was going to puke, and so I did puke, and it still hurt, so that's when I decided it was probably not just a sprain. We went to a hospital and they did x-rays and said it was broken and that I wouldn't be able to walk for three months. Well, we were in the middle of the tour, so I just had them put a cast on it, bought some crutches and a wheelchair and figured out how to keep partying and performing with the shattered foot. All the medical bills cost many thousands of dollars, so I guess it was the most expensive thing I ever broke.

When did you know that you wanted to do more than just music?

All I care about is partying. And I want to party in as many ways as I possibly can. Every way counts. Every way is a means to an end -- a way to get that energized party feeling stirred up. My mission was never to be a music guy, or a TV guy, or a nightclub guy. My mission was to be myself, and have it count as partying.

What’s the one album we’d be surprised to find in your music collection?

Maybe you'd be more surprised about what I don't have. For example, I don't own a single copy of any of the Andrew W.K. albums. Never did and never will. That was a promise I made when I signed my first contract and I intend to keep my promise.

What inspired you to smash yourself in the face with a brick for your ‘I Get Wet’ album cover?

The idea was to have a bloody nose photo and to make that basically my logo, so we wanted to put it on the album cover from the very beginning. We wanted it to be real blood. It had to look really good. It was a photo that was only going to be taken once, and we wanted it to be good enough to last a long time and be used over and over again, so we did our best and it was worth the pain and suffering.

Andrew W.K. - 'I Get Wet'

What’s your most valuable piece of partying advice for our readers?

Doing what you love is partying.

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