Andrew W.K. has revealed the artwork and track listing for his new album You’re Not Alone, hist first since 2010. It is set for release on Mar. 2, 2018 via RED Music / Sony Music.

In a press release, the LP is described as illustrating “a surprising path to self-actualization," while the songs “give the listener permission to admit their vulnerabilities.” It adds, “On You’re Not Alone … the party is reborn, delivering everything one would want and expect from an Andrew W.K. record – high-octane, full throttle rock ’n’ roll powered by buoyant, infectious and triumphant melodies."

“They're reflections on the push and pull between freedom and restriction," it continues. "It's a confirmation of everything you are, rejection of all you are not, and at times, a blurring of the difference between the two. Doubt becomes certainty, confusion becomes clarity, and the fear of life becomes the courage to live it completely. The album reveals itself through double meanings, mirrored views, each ringing equally true, even at their most severely discordant.”

The statement also says, “[B]y harnessing the revelatory power of partying — by celebrating the puzzles and pressures of life – we find the key to change and evolution comes from both inside and out, when we're together and on our own. That inner voice, the music of our consciousness, becomes our guide. Trust it. Follow it. Through good times and bad, ups and downs, highs and lows. Realize that just being able to hear it conveys something fundamental to your being… you're not alone.”

The artwork was created by fantasy art icons Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell, and their progress has been documented in the video above.

Andrew W.K., 'You're Not Alone' Track Listing

1. “The Power of Partying”
2. “Music Is Worth Living For”
3. “Ever Again”
4. “I Don't Know Anything”
5. “The Feeling of Being Alive”
6. “Party Mindset”
7. “The Party Never Dies”
8. “Give Up on You”
9. “Keep On Going”
10. “In Your Darkest Moments”
11. “The Devil's on Your Side”
12. “Break the Curse”
13. “Total Freedom”
14. “Beyond Oblivion”
15. “Confusion and Clarity”
16. “You're Not Alone”


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