Ahead of the December release of their fifth album, ‘The Dream Walker,’ Angels and Airwaves have released the brand-new music video for ‘The Wolfpack.’

The dark, smoky clip follows a forlorn-looking protagonist in a bar as he tries to win the attention of his love interest. Every time he reaches out, though, everyone is sporting creepy animal masks. All the while, Blink-182 singer-guitarist Tom DeLonge and company perform the new track -- check it out for yourself above.

‘The Dream Walker’ is Angel and Airwaves’ first album since the passing of sound engineer, Jeff Newell, who DeLonge called the fifth member of the band.

The record is slated for a Dec. 9 release and will be paired with an animated short film, ‘Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker.’ The film will premiere at the Toronto International Shortfilm Festival on Nov. 14. Pre-order ‘The Dream Walker’ on Angel and Airwaves’ website here.