Richard D. James has virtually flooded fans with music as of late. Whether it’s his upcoming AFX EP, early Aphex Twin demos or otherwise, the British producer has kept busy ever since last year’s Syro. And it doesn't look like he plans to slow down any time soon.

As NME points out, James updated his Soundcloud page today (July 22) with a message promising that more previously unreleased music will arrive “soonish”:

Sorry again if I dont reply to your messages*
Im VERY happy to report that ive found loads more old tapes i never encoded or gave to anybody, been looking a lot on /off last few months and found around 7 tapes, most of which have 20+tracks :)))
Will upload/release soonish.

James pulled a similar stunt at the beginning of the year when he uploaded more than 100 Aphex Twin demos to another cryptic Soundcloud page -- albeit without any prior notice or fanfare. In November of last year, he shared even more previously unheard music during an in-depth interview with Dave Noyze.

Earlier this month, James announced he would release his first EP under his AFX moniker in 10 years. Orphaned Deejay Selek (2006-2008) is due out Aug. 21 via Warp Records.

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