Spotify launched their Running feature back in May, but the service is now giving Nike+ Running users access to their music collection, too, via an update that went live yesterday (July 20).

Only Nike+ users who are also Spotify Premium subscribers will have access to all the new music, but as part of the launch of the partnership, Spotify's offering a free 30-day trial to Nike+ users (or 60 days, if you're willing to enter your credit card).

The new Nike+ update uses Spotify's music library to enhance a feature called Pace Stations, which allows you to set your target pace and favorite types of music and then, while you're running, plays from a 100-song playlist geared to push you up to and past that target pace.

Spotify's own Running feature is fundamentally different -- it automatically detects a runner's pace and plays music to match that pace. It also includes original music composed solely for use in the app.

The collaboration between Nike+ and Spotify sets an interesting precedent for Spotify becoming a kind of uber-app, powering the music capabilities of other big apps. Perhaps collaborations with cooking, gaming or studying apps could be on the horizon.

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