Instead of opting for neon lights, monsters and slime, like they did in their last video, 'Painful Like,' Austra venture into the forest and explore the idea voyeurism in their new 'Forgive Me' clip. Fans will feel like peeping Toms as they watch the various sexual acts on display, and this definitely gets the NSFW stamp.

Fellow Canadian Claire Edmondson, who directed Austra's 'Beat and the Pulse' video a few years back, gives us a foggy journey through the woods, where we watch several couples engage different forms of "love." All the while, frontwoman Katie Stelmanis sits on a bench like a narrator or bystander in the whole situation.

"A night vision camera captures life in a dark park," Stelmanis says in a press release. "Among the hidden corners and leaf-covered hideaways, people purge and absolve their sins through sexual liberation. We highlight a romance between a man and a woman who seek forgiveness from each-other: the only forgiveness that is of any importance."

'Forgive Me' arrives digitally with two new b-sides -- 'Hopeless Place' and 'Holy Place' -- on Nov. 26. Austra is currently on a European tour that wraps on Nov. 25 in London. The group then heads to Hong Kong for a one-off gig on Nov. 29 and will take a break before hitting Australia in February.

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