Brant Bjork released a video for his new song “Chocolatize,” taken from his 13th solo album Mankind Woman, which was released last week.

In typical off-center style, the first two minutes of the video show Bjork saying how excited he is to receive his test pressing of the LP, then playing along to it on guitar, before the video flips to the full track.

You can watch the “Chocolatize” video below.

In a recent interview, the former Kyuss drummer discussed his longtime connection with the desert scene. “We basically all are an extension of our environment,” he told the Heavy Chronicles.

“When I discover an artist, the first question I ask myself is where this person is from. It allows me to understand the environment of what this art came from. The desert, for me growing up, was just this huge open area, … There wasn’t a lot of distraction but a lot of forced meditation, because you’re just in this secluded area, and it lended itself to creativity. … I just went deeper and deeper into myself and in any music I was attracted to, like jazz, blues, funk, Jamaican music and, of course, all the great music from the ‘60s and ‘70s.”

Bjork reported that he still spent a lot of “artistic time” in the desert, although he said the area had changed in the same way small towns evolve. “People mostly want to remind the romantic part about the desert back in those days, all these parties and music,” he noted.

“But a lot of it was pretty scary and sometimes dangerous. And sometimes just bad things happened. People mostly forget that. It wasn’t the best environment for security and safety, but it was an intense environment to music, drug use and freedom. ... Now the desert is just about the natural beauty, the peacefulness. … We removed the teenage angst, the danger, the fightings, the weapons. … We removed all that and and we can now smoke a joint, have a glass of wine or a beer, just listen to good music and really enjoy it.”

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