Some groups rely on dark lighting and quick cuts to skeeve you out, but not Austra. The artsy Canadian electro-poppers wile out with the lights on in their new 'Hurt Me Now' video, which depicts the sort of dance rehearsal that might take place at the community theater in a David Lynch movie town.

So wonderfully weird is this clip that when singer Katie Stelmanis is seen holding the severed head of a character perhaps best referred to as Green-Skinned Girl, it seems about right. After all, director M Blash has, by this time, already set his lens on writhing strippers, dolled-up frumpsters and a dude on a motorbike with a rifle on his back. What's a little beheading among fiends?

"Working with M Blash is a rare experience," Stelmanis says in a press release. "I like to give him a song and let him do whatever he wants cause when his mindflow is undisturbed the results are psychedelic and matchless."

'Hurt Me Now' appears on Austra's excellent sophomore album, 'Olympia,' which dropped last year. Having thwarted Green-Haired Girl, Austra are prepping for a February tour of Australia and appearance at April's Coachella festival. Click here for more info.