Don't you miss punk rock? We mean, like, the snotty, gnarly, out-of-tune, not-turning-down-for-nobody punk rock that used to occasionally find its way onto television -- like when John Belushi got Fear onto Saturday Night Live. Don't you miss that? We sure f---ing do.

So, in an effort to remind people of the golden era of punk, we present you with this performance from Bad Religion on the short-lived TV show 'New Wave Theater.' It's one of the nastiest-sounding TV performances ever, and it's a hundred times more genuine or important than anything you'll ever hear on 'Glee.'

Bad Religion, in case you aren't aware, helped invent hardcore punk way back in the day. The song in this performance, 'We're Only Gonna Die From Our Own Arrogance,' is a brutal musical assault underpinning lyrics that, while composed of only a handful of repeated lines, are smarter and sharper than any song on pop radio today.

We don't have enough room here to discuss what happened to punk rock, or to discuss what's labeled as "punk rock music" these days. That's another thing all on its own. For now, let's just say that we want to see more of these bands and fewer baby-faced celebrities singing about how their bodies feel against other peoples' bodies.