Bat for Lashes (a.k.a. Natasha Khan) has been posting a game of Hangman to her Instagram, as Stereogum reports. The photos appear to be foreshadowing what may be a forthcoming announcement from the dream-pop singer.

We'll just have to wait and see as to whether the completed game of Hangman -- which is superimposed on grainy black-and-white images of hands and other body parts -- will reveal an album title, song title or otherwise. For now, Khan has already filled in two of the game’s eight letters. Check it out below and start conjuring your guesses as to what this all might spell out:

Bat for Lashes dropped her third full-length, The Haunted Man, back in 2012, which in turn followed 2009’s Two Suns and her 2006 debut, Fur and Gold.

Last year, Khan contributed an original track titled “Skin Song” to Body of Songs, a compilation album that sourced songs about various body parts from a variety of artists.

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