Bat for Lashes mastermind Natasha Khan is back with "Ha Howa Ha Howa," the latest song to emerge from her new side project, Sexwitch.

Last month, Kahn made her live debut with Sexwitch at Wales’ Green Man Festival. The collaborative project features the Bat for Lashes singer, English psych-rockers TOY and producer Dan Carey, all of whom first teamed up on “The Bride,” a track for the 2012 compilation, Zendooni: Funk, Psychedelia and Pop From the Iranian Pre-Revolution Generation. That work has apparently inspired the group’s forthcoming self-titled debut, which will feature six ‘70s-era psych and folk covers from around the world.

Since their appearance at Green Man Festival, Sexwitch have already shared their cover of the Iranian song, “Helelyos,” which you can hear at the bottom of the page. Today (Sept. 18), Sexwich have unveiled a follow-up tune, “Ha Howa Ha Howa,” originally performed by Moroccan artist Cheikha Hadda Ouakki. Take a listen in the video up above.

Sexwitch is due out Sept. 25 via Echo/BMG; check out the complete track list below. Kahn dropped her most recent Bat for Lashes album, The Haunted Man -- which was produced by Carey -- in 2012.

Sexwitch, "Helelyos"

Sexwitch Track List
1. “Ghoroobaa Ghashangan” (Iran)
2. “Ha Howa Ha Howa” (Morocco)
3. “Helelyos” (Iran)
4. “Kassidat El Hakka” (Morocco)
5. “War In Peace” (USA)
6. “Lam Plearn Kiew Bao” (Thailand)

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