Beck recently covered David Bowie's 'Sound and Vision' for a new commercial campaign launched by the Lincoln car company. It's part of a new series called 'Hello, Again,' in which newer artists cover older classics.

The first video in the new series will premiere on Feb. 10. But a two-and-a-half-minute trailer is now available. You can watch it below. It doesn't reveal too much of what Beck's finished version of 'Sound and Vision' -- a pivotal track on Bowie's 1977 masterpiece 'Low' -- will sound like, but there's some insight into Beck's interpretation and the song itself.

Both Beck and Bowie have had pretty busy 2013s so far, considering we're only a month into the new year. Beck, who hasn't released an album since 2008's 'Modern Guilt,' is working on new music that could result in two new albums sometime this year. Bowie, who hasn't released new music in a decade, will unveil 'The Next Day' on March 12. The album's first single, 'Where Are We Now?,' is already available.

There's no word on what Lincoln has in store for the rest of the 'Hello, Again' campaign, but judging by the brief video of Beck fine-tuning his Bowie cover, it could end up being one of 2013's best ongoing video series. 'Sound and Vision' is one of Bowie's best songs from the Berlin Trilogy, and Beck's attention to detail should result in a pretty cool cover. We'll see in a week or so.

 Watch a Behind-the-Scenes Look at Beck Covering David Bowie