Beck may not be taking too much time to bask in the glow of the Grammy he won for his 2014 album Morning Phase: Earlier today (June 11), the singer tweeted an animated image that sure looks a lot like an album cover for something called "Dreams":

Kyle Smith, the music director for Pittsburgh's WYEP radio station, also tweeted today that the station will be premiering a new Beck song on Monday, June 15, at noon.

As has become en vogue with new, high-profile releases, "Dreams" was preceded by no fanfare. The last time we saw Beck, he was guesting on "What This World Is Coming To," a new song from Fun.'s Nate Ruess earlier this month.

If "Dreams" is an album, that kind of turnaround between records would be unprecedented for Beck: There were six years between 2008's Modern Guilt and Morning Phase. But then again, Beck also released 1999's Midnite Vultures just one year after Mutations. Still, as indicated by WYEP, "Dreams" being a song seems more likely.

Beck is currently on tour in support of Morning Phase — or "Dreams," we suppose — and his complete itinerary can be found at his website.

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