Of Monsters and Men have become stars with their catchy hit 'Little Talks,' but it's another track from the group's debut album that provides the music for a Best Buy Future Innovators commercial.

The wall of voices heard in the ad come from the Of Monsters and Men song 'Dirty Paws,' which kicks off their album 'My Head Is an Animal.' The indie-folk band from Iceland is one of the breakout successes of 2012, and their unexpectedly popular U.S. tour included a date at Lollapalooza.

The commercial tells the story of Jessica Jackley, who created kiva.org, a site that allows entrepreneurs to borrow money from regular people who want to help start-ups succeed.

Jessica's dad appears in the spot with the laptop he bought his daughter when she went away to college, which she used to create the website that has changed lives around the world.

A Best Buy employee greets viewers at the end of the clip with the slogan, "When the technology's right, anything can happen," followed by details of the retailer's Toshiba laptop sale.

Hear Of Monsters and Men's 'Dirty Paws' in the Best Buy Future Innovators Commercial