It's been four years since Of Monsters and Men burst onto the scene with their debut album, My Head Is an Animal. This is a courteous band that wants us to know what they've been up to, so this week they released the first video in a series of mini-documentaries that chronicles the making of their upcoming sophomore album, Beneath the Skin. Check out the first video, which looks at the album's lyrics, below:

"This video gives you a little peek into our songwriting process," lead singer Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir told Billboard. "For me, this was a fun but challenging time. It’s always interesting to see a song transform from this little idea in your head and to then hearing it when it is finished. I can almost hear the journey when I listen back."

Beneath the Skin is scheduled for release on June 9, and Of Monsters and Men say that they plan to share more behind-the-scenes clips between now and then.