The late Jay Reatard's legacy lives on in the form of a DVD/LP/book bundle being released on Dec. 18.
'Better Than Something: Jay Reatard' will collect a documentary DVD, a limited edition LP -- 14 rarities on red and black vinyl -- and a book.

Jay Reatard, born Jimmy Lee Lindsay, was prolific through his life, releasing more than 100 singles, EPs and records in 14 years of active punk rock duty. He died on Jan. 13, 2010, before reaching 30.

The 'Better Than Something: Jay Reatard' bundle houses Alex Hammond and Ian Markiewicz's documentary, which tells the story of Jay's impoverished childhood and details his life as an artist. This release marks the first time the doc has ever been made available on DVD. It includes 20 minutes of extra interview footage of Jay and friends.

The doc is paired with a 14-track LP of rarities, 13 of which are previously unreleased. A 50-page book comprising essays by the likes of TV Smith (Adverts), Cole Alexander (Black Lips), King Khan and Alicja Trout, as well as an unreleased interview with Jay and never-before-seen photos, is also included in the package.

Watch the doc trailer and listen to the live, unreleased version of 'No One Stands Me' from 2005 Gonerfest below.

LP Track Listing:


'Such a Shame' - Jay Reatard (TV Rennes 2008)
'Bummer Bitch' - Reatards (Gonerfest 2005)
'No One Stands Me' - Reatards (Gonerfest 2005)
'I Get Nervous' - Lost Sounds (VPRO 2005)
'Tyrants Head '- Lost Sounds (VPRO 2005)
'You Call It Love' - Angry Angles (Gonerfest 2005)
'Let It All Go' - Jay Reatard (SXSW 2007)


'Better Than Somethings' (Lost Sounds 1998)
'Fading All Away' (Studio Brussel 2009)
'Death Is Forming' - Jay Reatard (Crystal Ballroom 2008)
'Not A Substitute' - Jay Reatard (Stuy Town NYC 2009)
'Waiting For Something' - Jay Reatard (Walter's 2009)
'Nightmares' - Jay Reatard (Studio Brussel 2009)
'Let It All Go' - Jay Reatard (France 2008)

Watch 'Better Than Something' Trailer

Listen to 'No One Stands Me'


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