There was no shortage of eerie sensuality in Betty Black's original 'Fatality of Love,' and the Deantoni Parks remix -- one of four reworked versions included on the singer's recently released 'Fatality of Love (The Remix EP)' -- is even more likely to send shivers down your spine (among other parts of your body). It's straight-up creep-show soul, and now there's a video to go with it. Check it out above.

Parks has previously worked with Black -- aka Sylvia Black -- in the New York City electro-pop group KUDU, so that explains the ease with which he gives 'Fatality of Love' the David Lynch treatment, making the hazy slow jam all the more harrowing.

In keeping with the vibe of Parks' remix, Black mucked with the song's original video, directed by Jessica Bennet, and made the close-ups of high heels and shots of herself flashing seductive looks from the couch seem extra creepy. Watch it above, and click here for more info on this NYC original.