A week after the Republican National Convention caused Father John Misty to say that entertainment is distracting the public from the uglier things going on around us, Billy Corgan has said something similar, but from the other side. He accused Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Convention of promoting propaganda and pretending “like nothing’s going on” in favor of “entertainment.”

On Thursday (July 28), Corgan called in to right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ Infowars, who were hosting a 28-hour anti-Clinton fundraising marathon that they called “Operation Sleeping Giant.” Corgan, who has appeared many times on the show over the years, spoke in response to one of the hosts’ observation that the DNC was “gaslighting” viewers.

“You’ve had the DNC now on for three days, and you’ve literally had for three days not one mention of the WikiLeaks hacking,” he said in the video above, “no mention of Hillary being investigated by the Justice Department. … It’s a conscious manipulation.”

As far as Corgan is concerned, Clinton and the DNC should acknowledge that she was virtually cleared of any wrongdoing in the scandal over her e-mails, but, he continued, “they want to avoid those subjects because they want to turn the page, they want to move on to a different psychological profile. That’s entertainment. That is not anything to with the human condition. The natural human response when you’re accused of something, if you believe you’re innocent, is to stand there and say, ‘Hey, by the way, this is my opinion of what happened, I’m gonna tell you the truth, and then I’m gonna move forward.’ … That is the natural human response to accusation. It’s not to propagandize and pretend like nothing’s going on — that’s entertainment.”

Last September, Corgan expressed admiration for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. While he would not say if he agrees with his politics, he liked that Trump was “forcing a lot of things out into the open, so they can’t control this, whatever that control is. It’s like the music business: everybody gets controlled, and somebody comes along that f—s it all up. So I think it’s good that he’s f—ing it up, because whether or not he’s the guy, obviously the political class doesn’t want him there. It’ll open it up to a bigger dialogue.”

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