Few can say with any confidence they know what Billy Corgan will do next. Case in point: The Smashing Pumpkins leader recently crashed an Oklahoma AM radio show to jam with a local folk singer.

Corgan is currently traveling the country and filming a documentary exploring American history and values. Along his journey, he stopped at KUSH 1600, an AM radio station in Cushing, Okla., and offered to sit in with local singer Katie Williams and guitarist Bob Moore. Corgan hangs back for a while as Williams plays before dropping in with some very pretty acoustic guitar.

Corgan stayed for an interview and discussed those comments he made about Marilyn Manson’s penis. The Pumpkins frontman said he filmed the goofy promo video with TNA wrestler Grado knowing full well the response and headlines it would elicit. “Of course, because the world we live in, the headline was, ‘Billy Corgan talks about the size of Marilyn Manson’s penis,’” he said. Corgan noted it’s that media culture and the current political discourse that encouraged him to film his documentary. Watch the interview and his performance with Williams at the bottom of the page.

Corgan’s documentary and road trip will take him all the way to his next In Plainsong tour, which kicks off on March 22 in Portland. He says he hopes to record a follow-up to the Pumpkins’ 2014 full-length Monuments to an Elegy along his journey.