Smashing Pumpkins frontman and famous cat enthusiast Billy Corgan says he's found 60 tapes stuffed with enough unreleased music to fill about a dozen albums. Right now, he's not sure if he'll release any of it, but obviously that option is now out there.

In a post on the Pumpkins' website, Corgan writes, "I’m currently mulling the release of a ‘best of’ (which, if you heard the stuff, you know I’m joshing) of my many demos from 1985-1986, something along the lines of 'AEGEA' -- where a limited-edition vinyl edition will do for the right crowd. Guessing, and given the rights issues of what I own outright and isn’t related to others, I’d say there might be 10-15 albums' worth of stuff."

Corgan doesn't offer too many details about the recently discovered material, but he mentions an "uninteresting" track called 'Analise' and that the music includes everything from electronic to goth.

In the meantime. Corgan is readying the next Smashing Pumpkins album, 'Monument to an Elegy,' which the band is still recording. "Lots of bassin’ today, as all nine tracks were covered," Corgan writes. "And then a continued trawl back through (in the same order) with rhythm guitar. So not much to report other than it’s a bit of an assembly line."

He points out that so far everything is on schedule, and within a couple weeks, "we’ll have everything set to go: lyrics, arrangements, drums, most guitar parts with only overdubs to write." There's no release date on the record yet.

Corgan recently released a very limited-edition run of an experimental solo album called 'AEGEA,' which he sold exclusively on his website. Here's a taste:

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