It takes about five minutes for Birth of Joy's 'Three Day Road' video to get really freaky and psychedelic, so plan your drug usage accordingly. Not that one needs substances to dig this Dutch trio, whose instrumental makeup -- guitar, organ and drums -- and sound conjure hazy memories of the Doors, among other '60s greats. The group is already a big deal in France, and with the release of 'Prisoner,' due out next year, they'll likely turn some heads -- and blow some minds -- here in the States.

'Three Day Road' is the first single from the album, and in the video, bandmates Kevin Stunnenberg (vocals and guitar), Bob Hogenelst (drums and backing vocals) and Gertjan Gutma (keyboards and bass) head to the lake for what appears to be a pleasant holiday. They row boats, warm themselves around campfires and rehearse in a quaint cabin, but something's not quite right. The scenery is almost too idyllic, and that stuffed deer on the wall seems to be watching, judging, plotting...

Alas, the clip ends before director Tijmen Hobbel offers any kind of resolution, and if Birth of Joy know what it all means, they're not telling.

"Take a journey through the stages of being, to find eternal rest in the inevitable end!" the band tells