We're only days away from the opening of Bjork's retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and the artist just unveiled another new detail that will further enhance the experience -- motion-tracking headphones.

Dysonics has created RondoMotion, a special piece of technology that attaches to any pair of over-the-ear headphones and, using Bluetooth, will sync with different parts of the Songlines section of the exhibit. Attendees who are wearing Bowers & Wilkins headphones with the RondoMotion sensor in that area will hear "instruments, a theatrical presentation, an immersive sound experience, a focused audio guide, and related visualizations."

"Accurately tracking listener head movement with RondoMotion allowed our team to create a new level of immersion and engagement for listeners experiencing the Björk Songlines psychoacoustic augmented audio installation at MoMA," project collaborator Andrew Melchior says in a press release.

Dysonics CTO Robert Dalton believes introducing this technology to the Bjork exhibit will not only give attendees a 360 experience but will also take future projects like this to the next level.

"We often describe our technology as the virtual reality of audio. So naturally, we're thrilled to help bring Bjork's exquisite art to life for this interactive exhibition," he explains. "Hearing sound change relative to your head movement, just like it does in a real space, results in a groundbreaking, fully immersive audio experience that 'puts you there.'"

If you want to experience this, you can visit the Bjork retrospective at MoMA in New York City starting on March 8.

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