Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney feels bad about roasting Nickelback -- sort of.

Carney lamented the state of rock in a cover story on the Keys in January's Rolling Stone, and in doing so called out the Canadian megaband, saying that “rock 'n' roll is dying because people became OK with Nickelback being the biggest band in the world.”

The Ohio-bred bluesman didn’t hold back, adding that people have accepted that the biggest band in the world is “always going to be s--- therefore you should never try to be the biggest band in the world.”

Somehow, Nickelback managed to see the good in this, tweeting, "Thanks to the drummer in the Black Keys calling us the Biggest Band in the World in Rolling Stone. Hehe."

But is Carney now changing his tune? It's doubtful.

"I didn't mean to single them out," Carney said during a recent MTV Canada interview that addresses the row between the bands. "It just came out. There are much worse bands than Nickelback -- maybe."

“That’s better,” chuckled Keys frontman Dan Auerbach, calling out his bandmate for the insincere response. “Good job, dude. That was the worst apology.”