Those merry pranksters the Black Keys have been showing off their playful side recently. They just premiered the video for the song 'Fever' that features the duo as televangelists, healing and stealing in the name of faith. And after listening to the above audio -- which was hidden in their new video via an onscreen phone number -- apparently they're no strangers to real-life pranks either.

Drummer Patrick Carney -- posing as the leader of Quartzazium, "New Age artists from Rhode Island" -- makes calls to Nonesuch Records trying to get his band signed. He tells someone at Nonesuch that someone at Atlantic Records told him to contact Nonesuch for an audition, and that one of the reps would be interested in hearing their new album, 'Terrestrial Feelings.'

He then instructs them to take a helicopter out to see the band live, and that it will be their "last gig until the spring solstice." Funny stuff.

When asked who at Atlantic told him to call Nonesuch, Carney whips out the name "Rob Cavallo," who happens to be a big name in the record business. Once his name is dropped, you can hear the confusion going on at the other end of the line.

Carney goes on to tell the Nonesuch rep that "He said that our music lacked edge but that you people would appreciate it." As they are put on hold, Carney and singer-guitarist Dan Auerbach can be heard giggling uncontrollably in the background.

During another call, Carney tells a flustered rep on the line, "The man from Atlantic said for me to stop in this evening, so I'll be arriving at 4:30 for an audition," adding that they're going to bring their own PA and lights. He also states that they are "looking for a four-album deal."

Hearing the confusion in the voices of the record executives is beyond priceless.

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