It may seem few bands are stylistically and sonically further apart than Black Sabbath and Blondie, but the heavy metal legends and the New Wave stars may have more in common than meets the ear. Sabbath's anti-war anthem 'Children of the Grave,' off their influential 1971 stoner rock masterpiece 'Masters of Reality,' and Blondie's chart-topping (and all-time best-selling) single 'Call Me' share a chord progression that's so similar that it's hard to ignore.

Sure, the Sabbath song is all shredding metal guitar riffs and the Blondie cut -- which was penned by singer Debbie Harry and European dance producer Giorgio Moroder -- is bouncier with disco-tinged synths, but the actual melody that runs through both goes beyond the boundaries of genre.

Listen to Black Sabbath, 'Children of the Grave'

Listen to Blondie, 'Call Me'