Today (Oct. 28), Jack Antonoff's solo project, Bleachers, released the official video for their latest single, 'Rollercoaster.' It's exactly what you'd expect -- a girl, Antonoff pining after said girl, and wreckless highway safety.

No, in fact, not what one expects at all. There isn't even one rollercoaster. Check it out above.

The video starts cautiously enough as the band rests in the back of a vintage ice cream truck driving down a highway, only to be cut off by the love interest in a drop-top Mercedes. Caution be damned, this girl in the convertible needs to know Antonoff's love. Naturally, a quick live performance of 'Rollercoaster' ensues, where else, but on the roof of the vehicle as band, instruments and Antonoff's signature glasses defy all laws of physics speeding down the road.

The girl, not even appalled, laughs and toys with Antonoff's emotions with smirking glances in the mirror -- only one brake-check away from total disaster.

At the end of the day, this band is fun. And that's not just in reference to Antonoff's role as lead guitarist for fun., but you genuinely enjoy the playfully, absurd nature of the video with the accessible, upbeat melody of the song. Who hasn't chased after an intense crush and done something stupid to win them over? The video compliments that sentiment well.

'Rollercoaster' currently sits in the top 20 of Billboard's Alternative Music charts. And while you can always catch a Bleachers show (dates here), sit back and enjoy their live performance of 'Rollercoaster' below: