Bloc Party last released a new album in 2008, and now, four years later, the British post-punk revivalist four-piece is gearing up to unleash its fourth album, appropriately titled 'Four,' on Aug. 20. That's a lot of fours, and here comes another one in the form of 'Day Four,' the latest tune unleashed from the disc.

The first 'Four' sample, 'Octopus,' hit our eardrums last month, and to be honest it's gotten better with every spin since. 'Day Four' is less jittery and angular and more immediately appealing, with a dreamy guitar line that basically propels the whole tune forward, and a drifting, ambient guitar-and-piano passage bringing up the rear. In the middle is lots of the those gorgeous melodies and winning rhythms that Bloc Party have always done so well.

Producer Alex Newport (At the Drive-In and Death Cab for Cutie) twiddled the knobs for this disc, which the Party jumped the pond to New York City to record. Those two opposite bands are a good synopsis of what we've heard so far -- while not nearly as hard-hitting as AtDI with 'Octopus' or as emo as DCFC on 'Day Four,' each respective track does show the dynamic extremes Bloc Party has been known to -- and continue to -- reach.

Listen to Bloc Party, 'Day Four'

8 out of 10 rating

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