Blondie's classic 'One Way or Another' serves as the soundtrack to a new Old Navy commercial for super-skinny pants. And we're not exactly sure what the song -- a highlight of the band's best-ever album, 1978's 'Parallel Lines' -- has to do with the clip.

Combining animation and live-action, the 'Rockstar Skinnies' ad features a big-haired (and super-skinny) woman dancing around cartoon flowers and snakes as her pants change colors and patterns. For some reason, her shirts, shoes and choice in eyewear also switches several times during the 30-second commercial.

This isn't the first time Old Navy has placed, seemingly randomly, a Blondie song in one of its spots. Earlier this year, they used the group's cover of Buddy Holly's 'I'm Gonna Love You Too' (also from 'Parallel Lines') in a camp-themed ad that's even more annoying than this skinny-pants one.

Plus, anytime anyone uses the word "rockstar" to sell anything, we cringe. There's nothing particularly rock 'n' roll about a pair of maroon-colored jeans or pants that look like something that used to be on a forest critter. And we're still not sure what Blondie's stalker anthem has to do with any of this.

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