We knew the bar was set high for Bob Dylan; at the beginning of this week, Eddie Vedder appeared on the Late Show With David Letterman to help say farewell to the iconic late-night TV host with a staggering rendition of Pearl Jam's "Better Man." The song was capped with a warm and obviously genuine embrace between Vedder and Letterman, and will easily go down as one of the greatest musical appearances in the show's history.

Last night (May 19), Dylan followed Vedder and took the stage as the official final musical guest of Letterman's career. While his finale might have lacked the same public displays of affection toward Letterman as Vedder's, the performance was equally, if not more, emotional. You can watch "The Night We Called It a Day" in the video above.

As Letterman explained before Dylan and his band (who performed in the shadows) started, he always taught his son that there were only two things he needed to know to get through life: Be nice to other people and the greatest songwriter of modern times is Bob Dylan. Though the song Dylan and Letterman chose to say goodbye with wasn't an original -- "The Night We Called It a Day" appears on Dylan's 2015 Shadows in the Night and was first published in 1941 -- the legendary songwriter breathed new life into the track, making it unarguably his own.

Dylan first made his debut with Letterman on "the old show" back in 1984 and was last seen on his stage in 1993; we can't think of anyone better to help bid Letterman adieu. Tonight, May 20, marks the host's final show -- it's promised to be an "hour full of surprises."

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