We have been revisiting Jeff Buckley’s career through an abundance of posthumous releases since his 1997 death -- including the most recent addition You and I -- that dig into the nooks and crannies of the singer's recordings. Now, two design companies have put a fresh, modern spin on one of Buckley's recently unearthed songs.

Interactive media company Interlude teamed up with Blind design studios to create a very cool, interactive video for Buckley’s cover of Bob Dylan’s “Just Like a Woman.” The clip follows an animated couple's love story through a series of comic book panels that the viewer can click on, changing how the narrative unfolds -- for better or for worse. Clicking on the various panels can also change the music itself by adding piano, orchestration and more. According to Interlude and Blind’s designers, there are “around 1 sexdecillion ways the story could play out” -- which, for reference, is a “one” with 51 zeros behind it.

“The goal of this video is for both existing and new fans to enjoy many ways of experiencing the music, and for each individual audience member to return over and over to be involved with the emotion differently each time,” Interlude CEO and co-founder Yoni Block told Mashable.

Check out the video at the top of thep age -- fiddling with it can lead to pretty much limitless outcomes.

Buckley recorded this particular version of "Just Like a Woman" in 1993. It appears on You and I, which is out now via Legacy.

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