The lyrics of folk singer Bob Dylan have influenced pretty much anyone who enjoys music since the his earliest days in 1962. Now, his legend will continue to grow, this time in print as a 13-pound comprehensive manuscript of all of his lyrics is set to be released in a couple of weeks (Oct. 28).

'The Lyrics: Since 1962' is 1,000 pages of song lyrics and artwork from 33 albums, and features an introduction by Christopher Ricks. Ricks, editor of T. S. Eliot, Samuel Beckett, Tennyson, and the Oxford Book of English Verse, also edited the massive publication.

"For 50 years, all the world has delighted in Bob Dylan’s books of words and more than words: provocative, mysterious, touching, baffling, not-to-be-pinned-down, intriguing, and a reminder that genius is free to do as it chooses," Ricks says. "And, again and again, these are not the words that he sings on the initially released albums.”

The limited slip-cover publishing, which is roughly the size of an LP record, includes lyrics from both studio and live recordings, as well as selected variant lyrics and their revisions -- and most excitingly, unpublished lyrics from Dylan's archives.  You can order the book here.