What a cast: The fresh young thing side-by-side with a living soul legend, recording in the studio of a British rock god behind the boards with a label head next to him. Such is the case with Bobby Womack’s new duet with Lana Del Rey, a rainy day cuddle called ‘Dayglo Reflection.'

The ‘Blue Jeans’ starlet joined up with the elder soulman -- who got his start with Sam Cooke and wrote the Rolling Stones' first No. 1 hit -- in the studio of Damon Albarn, the lead singer of a little band called Blur. The suit in question (probably not in a suit) was Richard Russell, the head of boutique label XL, who handle Adele, Radiohead, and Vampire Weekend, to name a few.

The result of that talent pool is a track spare yet vibrant, beginning with a quote, “As a singer grows older, his conception goes a little deeper, because he lives life and he understands what he’s trying to say a little more.” Womack exhibits a deep conception, waxing philosophical about the fleetingness of a day and falling into himself. Del Rey, normally so full of  sexy menace, is pure and thoughtful here, her vamp exchanged for virtue: “The only thing I ever dreamed was you and me,” she sings to Womack.

For him, singing with Del Rey was like like "two people in a church," as he said in an interview with NME. "She's one of a kind. I've never sung with a girl like that before."

Womack, who has recently undergone a successful colon cancer surgery, will soon drop his first all original album in 18 years with ‘The Bravest Man In The Universe’ -- is out on June 12.

Listen to Bobby Womack Feat. Lana Del Rey's 'Dayglo Reflection'