Father John Misty recently teamed up with Lana Del Rey in her video for “Freak,” and while reflecting on the collaboration, Josh Tillman called the experience a “dream” and said he would “do anything she told me to.”

While attending the Brit Awards last night (Feb. 24), Tillman said the two artists don’t currently have any further plans to work together, but he would jump at the chance. “It was a dream,” he told NME. “I love her. I’d do anything she told me to.”

“That’s what I enjoyed about the video, just being her puppet,” he continued. “I like being told what to do by a woman in that position.”

When asked if he dropped acid for the awards show as he previously said he would, Tillman hemmed and hawed. However, during the L.A. debut for “Freak,” he said it was an acid trip at a Taylor Swift concert that inspired his performance in Del Rey’s music video.

Tillman was nominated for International Male Solo Artist at the Brit Awards, and during his interview with NME (see above), he also touched on his feelings regarding his opponents Justin Bieber and Drake. He admires Drake and the many “soft-looking fabrics” he wears. “I just want to hold him,” FJM said. The award ultimately went to Bieber, and when the camera panned to Tillman, he looked rather sullen:

Later, Tillman tweeted, “I was robbed.” He paused before adding, “Of my phone in the shot.” The singer said his publicist informed him he had “literally no chance of winning,” and therefore, he was texting at the time the winner was announced.

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