Justin Vernon is not happy with Apple.

Vernon, who has recorded two albums under the Bon Iver moniker, knocked iTunes and hearkened back to the company's earlier days in a series of tweets this morning (June 17). "It's true," Vernon wrote of a FACT Magazine article titled "Is Apple Music proof that the company has stopped innovating?"

"The company that made me believe in companies, and not joking: PEOPLE is no more," the indie musician tweeted. Last week, Apple unveiled its new streaming platform, Apple Music, which indie artists treated with a mix of caution and disdain.

He went on to blame iTunes' "bad syncing/plaform" for the fact that he's listened to less music in the last 2 years. He also lauded the company's earlier software innovations. "I remember the computer teaching ME how to use it, by having such amazing design."

Vernon, who has almost 38,000 followers on Twitter, wasn't all negative. "I've been loving Spotify, for the record. Have to import gems I've had on MP3 for years… and I think cd's + lp's and tapes are still better."

Bon Iver hasn't released new music since 2012's self-titled album but will perform July 18 at Vernon's Eaux Claires music festival. Since putting Bon Iver on hiatus, Vernon has performed with side projects Volcano Choir and Jason Feathers and contributed to the last several Kanye West albums.

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