Brant Bjork, who spent part of the '90s as the drummer in Kyuss and the rest in Fu Manchu, is back with another solo album. He will release Tao of the Devil on Sept. 30.

Tao is his 11th solo effort and the follow-up to 2014's Black Flower Power, which he cut with the Low Desert Punk Band, after having played all the instruments on most of his previous records. According to his label, Napalm Records, its eight songs are "more focused" than the previous album, and "boasts a more song-oriented and groovy stoner sound, with a healthy dose of 70s style greatness."

Kyuss, which released four records between 1991 and 1995, were based out of Palm Desert, Calif., and helped pioneer the subgenre of stoner metal. They're best remembered for introducing Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age to the world. Bjork left after 1994's Welcome to Sky Valley and, by 1997, became a member of Fu Manchu, whose 1994 debut, No One Rides for Free, he produced. Bjork left the band in 2001 for a solo career. He has also played with Vista Chino -- a splinter group of Kyuss -- Mondo Generator and Che.

Tao of the Devil will be available as a four-page Digipack CD, a one-LP gatefold, clear vinyl and a deluxe fan LP that is limited to 500 copies. Bjork is currently winding up a European tour, with festival dates in Belgium and Germany this week.

Brant Bjork, 'Tao of the Devil' Track Listing

1. "The Greeheen"
2. "Humble Pie"
3. "Stackt"
4. "Luvin'"
5. "Biker No. 2"
6. "Dave's War"
7. "Tao of the Devil"
8. "Evening Jam" (bonus track)

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