Jimmy Fallon has done some great things with Brian Williams' 'Nightly News' segments on his old 'Late Night' gig. Last night, he -- and Williams, of course --  topped himself with the first installment at his new job as host of 'The Tonight Show,' as the veteran newsman busted a few rhymes with the Sugarhill Gang classic 'Rapper's Delight.'

The mash-up seamlessly pieces together a bunch of random words from Williams' newscasts to construct the first verse of the seminal hip-hop hit..

But this time around, Williams isn't alone in the video. Fellow NBC anchor Lestor Holt takes the mic, figuratively speaking, for the second verse. Kathie Lee Gifford also makes a cameo, which sorta comes out of nowhere. You can watch it above.

Fallon's opening week as host of 'The Tonight Show' has been pretty monumental so far. He got U2 up on a roof to perform their new song on his first night, and he reinvented an R. Kelly classic as a sexless barbershop quartet sing-along on the next show.

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