Experimental super-duo Broken Bells have been tearing up the late night talk show circuit so far this year. They showed up on 'The Tonight Show' with Jimmy Fallon, and they took the stage on 'Jimmy Kimmel' too.

They even covered The Beatles' 'And I Love Her' on the 'The Late Show' with David Letterman for his Beatles week. So it's to be expected that they'd visit the most famous gangly ginger in America, Conan O'Brien. Last night, Broken Bells showed up on 'Conan' to play a track from their new album, 'After the Disco.'

With 'Control,' Broken Bells dig up all of the best elements of the '80s New Wave movement without sounding like a throwback band. The thin, reverb-laced guitar line sits  in the back of the mix, never dominating the song, but always remaining present.

Singer James Mercer's vocal melody is the driving force behind this tune. Unless you knew already, you'd likely be hard-pressed to guess which other semi-famous indie band he fronts. When we first heard his singing, we were like, "This guy sings for the Shins?" He sounds much more -- well -- grown up on 'Control.'

And the lights coming up to reveal the horns toward the end of the song is especially cool. At what point did those guys sneak onto the stage? Watch the video above.

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