For most of us, Owen Wilson doesn't necessarily spring to mind when indulging the fiercely politically charged rap-rock of Rage Against the Machine. And likewise, Wilson's mellow drawl isn't exactly redolent of the potential Hall of Famers' incinerating fury.

But fortunately, some godsend out there in Internet Land was equipped to make the connection.

A video posted to YouTube titled "Bulls On Parade But It‘s Owen Wilson Saying Wow" has been gaining steam, appearing on all corners of the web. And not without reason. The mashup is probably the funniest thing you'll see all day.

"Bulls on Parade" also received mashup treatment two weeks ago when paired with Eminem's viral BET Hip-Hop Awards freestyle.

The video, which doesn't even clock in at 30 seconds, takes the intro to the classic single from Rage Against the Machine's multi-platinum Evil Empire, but excises the memorable "wah-wah"-ing of Tom Morello's guitar replaces it with a vast array of snippets of Owen Wilson saying "wow." Accordingly, the truncated "Bulls on Parade" video is interspersed with clips of Owen Wilson saying "wow" from actual movie scenes.

Owen Wilson has appeared in nearly 70 movies. Try to solve how many times in sum he's said the word "wow" and your calculator might explode.

The Owen Wilson vs. Rage Against the Machine "wow" mashup builds on a weird-but-delightful growing meme genre. Two years ago, a YouTuber uploaded a supercut of clips of Owen Wilson saying "wow," which was followed by a second installment that collected even more "wows" from Wilson's film reel. More recently, Owen Wilson's "wow" dubbed over Star Wars lightsaber battles has found popularity.

It makes one wonder what Owen Wilson would say to his being frequently used in a growing number of popular albeit nonsensical memes. Probably "wow."

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