Caged Animals’ Vincent Cacchione enlisted the band’s bassist and his younger sister Tayla to portray a goth girl on the run in the new video for ‘The Sound of Thunder.’ Landing Dec. 16, the effervescent single follows Caged Animals’ sophomore effort, last month’s ‘In the Land of Giants.’

Dressed in all black, right up to her lipstick, Tayla encounters a trio of girls with some not-so-friendly words for her. It’s then that she meets a dubiously masked figure in a nondescript sedan who takes her for a joyride around town that culminates with a séance in the woods -- but not before she exacts some revenge on the aforementioned girls.

But this tale is no ‘Revenge of the Nerds.’ Things get a little iffy when the masked figure pulls out a knife mid-séance and sends our goth heroine running into the woods. See how things end up for Tayla in the clip above.