Cake have won's Sound Off for three consecutive weeks now, with their 'Showroom of Compassion' track 'The Winter' beating out the Big Pink, Delta Spirit, and most recently, pop-rock quartet Neon Trees. This week, Cake's 'The Winter' will go head-to-head with the Dandy Warhols' new song 'Sad Vacation,' but it's up to the readers who wins.

You've probably become familiar with Cake's 'The Winter' at this point, with it's somewhat chilly, moody demeanor and melancholy horns as frontman John McCrea sings about reflecting on a scornful, lonely winter. Meanwhile, the Dandy Warhols' eery yet ethereal track 'Sad Vacation,' which appears on the band's forthcoming LP 'This Machine,' is a mix of dreamy, whispery vocals, pounding drums, and distorted grinding guitars.

Listen to both tracks below to get a better feel for them, and then cast your vote for your favorite song. Cake's 'The Winter' and the Dandy Warhols' 'Sad Vacation' will be up against each other until next Monday, April 23, when the poll closes at 11 AM EST.

Watch Cake's 'The Winter' Video

Listen to the Dandy Warhols, 'Sad Vacation'

Rules: If the same artist wins for four weeks straight, their song will be retired and inducted into’s Sound Off Hall of Fame. With so many great tracks out there, we have to give other musicians a chance to partake in our Sound Off.

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