The folks at Calvin Klein have gained some indie cred, teaming up with Los Angeles rockers Warpaint for the clothing giant's new ‘Jeans Fall 2013’ TV commercial. The 30-second clip was directed by London-based photographer and filmmaker Tyrone Lebon, and it features the quartet rocking out a new, previously unreleased track called ‘Love Is to Die.’

The sight of Warpaint kicking out the jams in a small club packed with attractive 20-somethings is all well and good, but we’re not really sure if the whole jeans thing comes through or not. Outside of a shot at the end of the commercial of the ladies in Warpaint posing for photo stills, there really isn’t any focus put on the actual denim pants the spot was created for.

Not that Warpaint are likely sweating it. According to the NME, which gave their debut album, 'The Fool,' a 9/10 rating, this is far from the world's most fashion-conscious band, and that's what makes them great. "The four of them look as though they were dragged away from sniggering at Beavis And Butt-Head in the early ’90s, all bushy-browed and slouchy," Laura Snapes writes for the U.K. rock mag. "That would be pretty much irrelevant if it weren’t for the fact that that’s where their sound stems from too."