More than 7,000 Canadians submitted video footage for an official commercial by the Canadian Tourism Commission that features the Northern Lights, hockey on frozen ponds, lobster, roller coasters, shooting stars and fireworks, all set to a peppy track by British Columbia-based indie rockers Yukon Blonde.

The two-minute video is powered by the joyous melody of Yukon Blonde's 'My Girl,' a track from the group's 2012 album 'Tiger Talk.'

The commercial was pieced together from 65 hours of footage sent in by amateur videographers across the country and pretty much makes Canada look like the most exciting place in the world, with shots of mountain biking, skiing, kayaking, urban street art, bears, whales and moose.

'My Girl' reached the Top 40 on the Canadian Alternative Rock Chart in July, shortly after its release. Yukon Blonde have more than a dozen tour dates planned throughout Canada in December as they continue to promote 'Tiger Talk.' Listeners can stream the entire album for free right now on the band's official website.

Hear Yukon Blonde's 'My Girl' in the Canadian Tourism 'Keep Exploring' 2012 Commercial

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